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Improved Performance And 25% Less Fuel Consumption

Kawasaki Power Products continue to be a leader in the engine industry, especially now with the introduction of our new environmentally friendly 2-cycle engine design that reduces fuel consumption approximately 25% while improving performance over our previous Kawasaki TJO27D engine.

This two-cycle engine design, known as A/F (Air/Fuel) Technology, meets all emissions standards for power product engines and will be used in all of our Kawasaki handheld power products in the future. A/F Technology is now available in most current Kawasaki models.

The cutting edge A/F Technology uses a Leading Air Scavenging System consisting of a carburetor with two barrels – one air and one air/fuel mix – and a stratified (layered) scavenging engine design. We also added a catalytic converter to further reduce emissions.

Kawasaki Power Products give landscape professionals and enthusiasts exactly what they want – more power plus the ultimate in efficiency and top performance. Our products are better for the environment and better for you.

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