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Buying a Lawnmower: The Inside Story

When you buy a lawnmower, no matter what brand, what things should you consider? What’s Critical? The deck size? Attachments? General mower features, like cutting and bag options, and whether or not it’s self-propelled? While all these things are important, nothing is more important than the "Critical Component" of the mower, the engine. 

The Engine is the Critical Component of Your Mower

Many homeowners don’t really think about what’s driving the machine when they’re buying a lawn mower. They assume that most engines are pretty much alike or that the name on the outside of the mower is the same as the name on the engine. But as we’re about to demonstrate, nothing could be further from the truth. No matter what brand of lawn mower you’re looking at, you also need to consider the name on the engine. It’s important when you mow a lot. You want the engine to be tough. And no one makes a tougher engine than Kawasaki.

The Pros Know

Jack Armstrong, the owner of All American Lawn Care shares his experience, “We service a wide variety of clients, from residential to commercial. After being in this business for the last fifteen years we’ve tried a wide variety of motors, and I guarantee you that Kawasaki Engines start every time, they run, they keep the productivity high, and that means more money for our company.” 

Key Features for Greater Performance and Reliability

Kawasaki Engines also feature a heavy-duty cast-iron flywheel. The inertia created from the extra weight of the flywheel helps power through thick, wet grass while maintaining superior power and engine RPM's.

What do the experts have to say? Greg Kroth, Partner of Parkway Lawn Service says: "It just makes getting through the heavier grass, the longer grass, much easier. The guys don't have to spend as much time running back and forth across the lawn to get the perfect cut we're looking for. They just make one pass and it's cut, like it's supposed to be."

Just imagine the time and effort you’ll save with a Kawasaki engine.

Easier to Maintain

For ease of maintenance and to keep the engine performing at top levels, Kawasaki Engines have a large, dual-element air filter that keeps dust and debris clear of internal parts and a steel chopper screen designed to chop up grass clippings before they can enter the engine and damage it.

Joseph Absey, owner of ABC Lawn and Snow shares his experience, "ABC Lawn and Snow is a small company, it's just me and one employee. We really can't afford breakdowns. Luckily our main piece of equipment, that has a Kawasaki engine, has never failed to perform. It has always started -- in the coldest temperatures, in the warmest temperatures -- all I have to do is change the oil, change the filters. It just keeps running."

Air-Cooled to Last Longer

Kawasaki Engines are longlasting because they’re engineered to run cooler, thanks in part to a large, high-flow fan 
that disperses engine heat.

Keeping the engine cool is also aided by larger oil capacity, a forced lubrication system and a combined 
crankcase with an elevated seal that prevents oil leaks and reduces oil operating temperatures. Less heat means less 
wear and a longer lasting engine.

Quiet and Easy on Your Ears

The Kawasaki engine is unsurpassed in performance and longevity. And, thanks to a large low-tone muffler, mowing 
with a Kawasaki engine is easy on your ears, and your neighbor's ears, too. 

The pros know that Kawasaki engines are the best you can buy. But you don't have to be a professional to appreciate Kawasaki's superior engineering. For homeowners as well as the pros, a Kawasaki engine is the critical component for 
a top-performing mower.

Ask for a Kawasaki Engine by Name

Kawasaki Engines come standard or as an option on many of the top selling mowers. But unless you look or ask, you will never know.

So when you shop for your next mower, start with what really matters – a Kawasaki engine. Then consider 
the other features offered on the mower. You'll end up with a mower that starts better, performs better and 
lasts a lot longer.

In fact, when you start with a Kawasaki engine, you may finish with the last mower you'll ever have to buy.

Kawasaki Engines. The Critical Component.