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Displacement 1.6cu in (26.3cc) 2.8cu in (45.4cc) 4.0cu in (64.7cc) 4.0cu in (64.7cc)
Engine type Gasoline/2-Stroke (50:1 Gas to Oil Ratio) Gasoline/2-stroke (50:1 Gas to Oil Ratio) Gasoline/2-stroke (50:1 Gas to Oil Ratio) Gasoline/2-Stroke (50:1 Gas to Oil Ratio)
Fuel tank 16.9oz (0.5l) 67.6oz (2.0l) 67.6oz (2.0l) 67.6oz (2.0l)
Max air volume (with pipe) 450.0cfm 720.0cfm 720.0cfm
Max Air Volume 450.0cfm 755.0cfm 800.0cfm 800.0cfm
Max air velocity 125.0mph 190.0mph 200.0mph 200.0mph
Carburetor Rotary Valve Diaphragm Diaphragm Diaphragm
Net weight 9.7lbs (4.4kg) 19.1lbs (8.7kg) 20.7lbs (9.4kg) 20.7lbs (9.4kg)
Length 12.4in (315.0mm) 12.4in (315.0mm) 12.4in (315.0mm)
Width 18.9in (480.0mm) 18.9in (480.0mm) 18.9in (480.0mm)
Height 17.3in (440.0mm) 17.3in (440.0mm) 17.3in (440.0mm)
Blade case Yes
Noise level 71.0dB(A) 73.0dB(A) 73.0dB(A)
Throttle type Grip with Throttle Lock Tube Mount Hip Mount Tube Mount
A/F technology Yes Yes Yes Yes
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