Genuine Kawasaki Oil Filters

Genuine Kawasaki Oil Filters

Skimp on parts, spend on repairs.

Only Kawasaki oil filters are built and verified to strict Kawasaki standards to make sure you get maximum engine life and performance.

Genuine Kawasaki oil filters are availble from your local dealer.


  • Integrated pressure-activated bypass valve maintains oil flow in case of blocked filter, and prevents cold start wear
  • Premium filters media traps contaminants for superior protection
  • Robust silicone valve, rubber seal and heavy canister maintain filter integrity under high temps and severe use
  • Kawasaki filters are specifically engineered for optimum flow, pressure and protection in constant speed air-cooled and liquid-cooled engines
Part numbers: 

49065-7007 - Fits FR, FS and FX applications

49065-7010 - Fits most applications