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Tune-up kits

These complete kits have everything you need to maximize the performance and extend the life of your Kawasaki engine. Every component is factory-specified and test-certified for optimum fit and performance. It’s the easiest, most economical way to ensure fast starts, full power and torque, and maximum efficiency from your hard-working equipment.

    Designed for your pressurized lubrication system
    Pre-filter and high-efficiency pleated filter to assure maximum efficiency and performance
    Matched to your engine for optimum performance
    K-Tech™ SAE30 oil designed specifically for Kawasaki engines

Part numbers: 

Kit #99969-6211* (formerly Kit 99969-6139)
Compatible with FH601V/FH641V/FH661V/FH680V/FH721V (with standard air filters, internally vented carburators only)

*Kit includes Fuel Filter

Kit #99969-6220A*
Compatible with FD731V/FH601V/FH641V/FH661V/FH680V/FH721V/FH770D (with canister air filters)

*Kit includes Fuel Filter

Kit # 99969-6171
Compatible with FH601V/FH641V/FH680V/FH721V (with canister air filters)

Kit # 99969-6208*(formerly Kit 99969-6140)
Compatible with FH381V/FH430V/FH541V/FH580V KAI™

*Kit included Fuel Filter

Kit # 99969-6141*
Compatible with FH451V/FH500V/FH531V/FH541V/FH580V

*Kit includes Fuel Filter

Kit # 99969-6150
Compatible with FJ180V KAI™ Kit

Kit # 99969-6142
Compatible with FJ180V Kit

Kit # 99969-6189A*
Compatible with FR651V/FR730V/and all FS engines

*Kit includes Fuel Filter

Kit # 99969-6190A*
Compatible with FR541V/FR600V

*Kit includes Fuel Filter

Kit # 99969-6196B*
Compatible with FX481V/FX541V/FX600V

*Kit includes Fuel Filter

Kit # 99969-6191A*
Compatible with FFX651V/FX691V/FX730V

*Kit includes Fuel Filter

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